Amish Crafted Furniture

Amish furniture has earned the reputation of being some of the most practical well-built furniture in the world. 100% of Amish-made furniture is handmade. Handmade furniture by the Amish is built using the highest quality materials using tried and truly exceptional craftsmanship. Here is some more information on Amish furniture.

Some Interesting Facts About Amish Handmade Furniture

The Amish are very particular about the type of wood that they use in their handmade furniture. They select well-aged wood from hardwoods like Hickory, Oak, and Maple. When Amish craftsman chooses wood for furniture, they choose mature specimens to ensure that the wood has reached its pinnacle of strength.

Each piece of handmade furniture is unique because every piece is handmade. There is no machinery used in creating the furniture, which means that each piece is different from the next. The difference may not be immediately noticeable, but there are differences.

Amish furniture is naturally non-toxic. This environmentally friendly furniture does not contain toxic materials. It also does not require large factories to create it because it is made by hand.

You Won’t Find Any Composite Materials

The Amish take great pride in their furniture making and never take shortcuts nor incorporate composite parts. The furniture is built to last for generations using high-quality wood. Drawer pulls are typically metal. You will not find any plastics or composites anywhere on the furniture.

The Amish Take Pride In What They Make

For the Amish, crafting furniture is something they take a great deal of pride in. Every detail of the furniture is considered. Every single piece is crafted with care. It is not an option for the Amish to create something that is sub-par or low quality. They take their time with every piece of furniture to ensure that it is the best quality it can be.

It Lasts Generations

Amish furniture is built to last generations. When you add Amish furniture to your home, you add pieces that will become family heirlooms. If you are looking for furniture that will last a lifetime and beyond, there is no better option than Amish furniture. Connect with us to fill your home with furniture that is elegant in its simplicity, highly functional and that will become a family heirloom.