Before You Add a Pool House to Your Yard, Consider These Features

bestpoolhouses-300x200  There are many options when considering putting a pool house in your yard. You need to consider features like functionality, privacy concerns, accessories, and style. A pool house is an important investment, so you should make sure you consider everything you need and want when planning your pool house.

Here are a few features all of the best pool houses should have:

Trying to fit all of your floaties, inner tubes, pool noodles, goggles, pool toys, and chemicals into your basement or garage will no longer be a problem. Make sure your pool house has plenty of storage so your pool toys and tools will have a safe home all year around. If you have a small yard and don’t really need anything else besides storage area, you might want to consider just purchasing or building a shed to store your pool toys and tools.

Accessibility and Functionality
Take into consideration what you want to use the pool house for. Do you plan on turning it into a guest house if needed? Do you want it strictly for storage? Are you going to have a changing room and bathroom inside? All of these factors need to be thought about when deciding where to place the pool house. If you’re using it for guests to change or stay in, they’ll want some privacy. But of course, you don’t want it to be a long walk to the pool. It’s also necessary to consider other aspects of functionality like WiFi, televisions, and bars.

Style and Decor
When either purchasing or building your pool house, consider what type of style you want to use. Do you want it completely open? Or do you want it to resemble more of a guest house? Do you need shaded areas for lounging by the pool? Additionally, you want to think about the surroundings. Think about if you are going to have a deck or a patio and what type of plants or trees you want surrounding your pool house. If you have close neighbors, trees and other large shrubbery can give you some much-desired privacy.

If you’re looking to have something custom built, you should consider going with an Amish made pool house. You can get one of the best pool houses without having to sacrifice the design you want. The quality of an Amish pool house will be incomparable to a common, factory-made one and will save you the hassle of trying to build one yourself.

It’s important to get exactly what you want so you can express your personal style in your pool house. In a survey of over 2,000 customers, 67% of participants agreed that “A lot can be said about a person from the furniture s/he owns.” and 72.7% of participants agreed with the statement “The design of my furniture reflects my personality.” It’s important to show your guests who you are and what your style is, so don’t be afraid to customize however you want!

So if you want one of the best pool houses on the block, take these few must-have features into consideration to give your family and your guests the best pool experience possible.