A Three Part Guide to Buying New Home Furnishings

woodfurniture-300x175  Whether you’re furnishing your first apartment or finally buying new things for your home, buying furniture is a pretty big decision. Not only does furniture serve a functional purpose in the home, but it plays a role in creating the atmosphere and feel of a home. It should also last a long time without wearing and needing replacement. The key to furnishing a home is finding quality, timeless furniture that’s of really high-quality. Here’s a short three-part guide to get you started.

1. Materials
One of the first and most important things you need to consider about a piece of furniture is the materials it’s made of. Handmade furniture is often wooden — Amish furniture is almost always 100% wooden — but not all woods are the same. Eighty percent of Amish furniture manufacturers make household furniture. Make sure to opt for sturdy hardwoods that are a color you like (in case the wood needs to be sanded down because of scrapes). If you’re looking into upholstered furniture, make sure that the fabric used is sturdy and easy to clean.

2. Construction
Aside from the materials that the furniture is made of, another important element of choosing furniture is evaluating the construction. Furniture made of the best materials will still fall apart if it’s not constructed well. If you’re interested in completely wooden furniture, Amish furniture is touted as some of the most well made. If you’re looking for upholstered furniture make sure the inside is solid wood not cardboard and that no staples or glue was used. Otherwise it won’t last as long.

3. Aesthetic
Of course, when it comes to buying new furniture aesthetics are very important. Though it can be tempting to buy what’s trendy and popular, you should always make sure to align the designs with your home and style. Furniture is not something you’re going to want to replace any time soon, so opting for more timeless and classic looks for major pieces is better. Change things up in the details, but not the basic furniture staples.

when you set out to buy new furniture, no matter what you’re looking for, there are three main principles that you should follow: choose high quality materials, look for expert craftsmanship, and always opt for a timeless look.