A Few Things You Can Do to Make Your Neighbors Jealous

customsheds-300x201  Besides having a place to eat, keep your things, and sleep, there is only one real reason for owning a home: making your neighbors jealous.

It’s the best thing in the world. Even if you really like your neighbors and have them over for barbecues all the time, perhaps you’re subconsciously doing that because you want them to be jealous of you. It’s kind of sad, but it happens to everyone, so you might as well go with it.

You’ve probably been on the other end of the jealousy spectrum. Driving home one day, you notice Tom’s new basketball hot tub. That probably made you so made you thought about driving right to the store and buying a bigger and better hot tub, just to show Tom.

However, there are a few things you can do that aren’t going to break your bank and will still be able to make Tom and everybody else in your neighborhood jealous.

Amish Built Sheds
All Amish furniture is 100% hand-crafted and a successfully made shed can last up to 20 or more years. Think about how much more free space you’ll have on your property if you have custom sheds to put all the extra stuff. Custom sheds can be designed to fit your exact accommodations. Maybe you need it built on the corner of your home, maybe you need it built near the pool so it can double as a pool shed, or maybe you need a few custom sheds stacked onto of each other to shield your view from Tom’s property.

When you’re buying a shed, it’s important that you plan for at least 25% more storage space in the future.

Outside Bar
There isn’t a soul on this earth who would not want to have an outside bar overlooking their pool, their property, and Tom’s window for him to see every day and be jealous. Being able to have all your family and friends over (so they can be jealous too) to have fun at an outside bar would be great for everyone.

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