6 Facts About the History of Amish Furniture Making

Amish furniture is well-known for being built to last. Customers can often shop at local stores or order products online and customization is always an option because every piece is created by hand. The fantastic quality and tactics used are deeply rooted in Amish history.

1. Mature Wood

Most Amish furniture makers prefer using adequately matured wood. Wood is typically grown on the land, so craftsmen can ensure that it’s adequately matured before using it. This is because it makes the wood harder, making the furniture more durable. That’s why traditional Amish furniture is known for being so sturdy.

2. Completely Unique

Standard materials you’ve grown used to, such as particle board that makes furniture look the same, are never used. Instead, hand-picked wood is used so each piece of furniture appears unique. Because every piece is handcrafted, you can rest assured that yours won’t look exactly like your neighbors’.

3. Hand Tools

Most people know that Amish communities rarely, if ever, utilize electricity. This same practice is often seen in making furniture. Hand tools are still standard, just as they were long ago. Some furniture makers use a few power tools that run on generators, but this varies depending on the community.

4. Traditional Techniques

Amish furniture makers often learn how to craft furniture by learning from someone else in the community. This has led to traditional techniques being passed down from generation to generation. Hand planing and various joints are used instead of gluing particle boards. These were used in conventional Amish furniture and are still used today.

5. Few Screws

You’ll notice dovetail joints instead of screws in your Amish furniture. This dates back to the 1600s when Amish communities formed in Pennsylvania. The communities did not utilize screws and nails, so they found other ways to hold furniture together. Those traditions are still seen in furniture today.

6. Furniture Schools

As more Amish communities began to make traditional Amish furniture, small schools began to pop up in communities known for particular things. For example, one school was known for gorgeous chests with flowers painted on them. Another was known for pieces that were painted in gold, red and black. These schools would teach children how to craft flawless furniture.

Now, traditional Amish furniture can be handcrafted and delivered to your door. According to Amish Outlet Store, furniture that’s wooden gives off a regal and classic appearance that withstands the evolution of styles and cultural fads. If you’re ready to reap these benefits of Amish-made furniture, check out the rest of the website to shop our fantastic furniture selection.