5 Warning Signs It’s Time for a New Garage

garages-1024x683  Due to natural wear and tear, your house is going to need work done on it at some point, and this especially includes your garage. According to the Wall Street Journal, about 25% of the 900 homeowners surveyed use their garage for vehicle maintenance, so it’s not wise to ignore the warning signs of a damaged garage. Look for these five signs to replace your garage before it’s too late.

The Door Makes a Horrible Noise

When you open the door, does it make too much of a loud noise? This could mean that it’s time to get that door replaced. Sometimes, this can be simply repaired if you catch the damage in time, but if you are past the point of getting the door fixed, go ahead and replace it.

The Elements are Getting to It

Can you feel the air from outside even when the door is closed? Are there drops of water falling on your skin from the ceiling? It might be time to get that garage replaced. In this case, it’s best to call someone immediately and have them look at the damages.

The Damages are Getting too Hard to Ignore on the Inside

Let’s face it: our garages are not really at the forefront of our minds throughout the day. The only time we ever really think about them is when we are going out to the car, so you might not notice all the damages that have been building up over time. When you can’t help but notice them, it’s time to fix and replace all the damages. If you keep ignoring these damages, you may end up spending more money in the long run to fix them.

The Door is Starting to Sag

Part of having a good garage is having a functional door. If it looks like it’s about to fall down, look into getting it replaced. It presents a serious safety hazard if the garage door could potentially fall without warning.

You Keep Having Problems

If you have to try and make constant repairs around your garage, it might be best to just get it replaced altogether. Sometimes, repairs will just eat up more money that could’ve been used for better and more important expenses.