5 Tips to Help You Find the Right Bench for Your Entryway



An entryway bench instantly makes a beautiful first impression when guests enter your front door. Benches serve as a fantastic location for guests to take off their shows or for family members to set down their keys and belongings. These functional pieces of indoor wooden furniture can be used for various things, from storing blankets to additional seating. However, there are a few things to consider to ensure you find the perfect entryway bench.

1. Look for Durable Materials

Entryway benches are available in various materials. Indoor wooden furniture remains the most durable option. According to Forbes, solid wood furniture lasts about 10-15 years before it starts showing signs of aging, like cracking or fading. Consider working with an experienced, Amish furniture maker to craft an entryway bench made of solid wood to ensure it will last.

2. Measure the Space

Homeowners should carefully measure the space in which they want to put the entryway bench before shopping. Taking the time to measure the area ensures your interior wooden furniture will fit perfectly. Furniture that takes up too much space can lead to people tripping over it or stubbing their toes. It’ll look awkward instead of creating the perfect entryway.

3. Consider the Purpose

Always think about the purpose of your furniture before purchasing a piece. An entryway bench intended only for seating should feature ample seating room and be wide enough to accommodate more than one person. Benches used for storing additional blankets should have a lid that lifts and plenty of storage space. Benches can also be used to store shoes or books.

4. Think of Existing Decor

Consider the existing decor in the home when selecting an entryway bench. Wooden materials with the same underlying tones generally look fantastic with other wood furniture. However, most homeowners prefer to pair existing dark wood furniture with a dark wood bench to ensure the pieces complement each other. Take the time to research various types of wood to ensure your furniture pairs well together.

5. Select a High-Quality Craftsperson

Selecting a durable material, like solid wood, is essential. However, creating a great piece of furniture takes more than high-quality materials. Craftsmanship is essential. Amish furniture makers are well known for their exceptional skills. Amish families use skills passed down for generations to ensure every piece of furniture is built to last.

At Amish Mike, we offer high-quality indoor wooden furniture. Our skilled craftsmen ensure you have a gorgeous piece of furniture you love. Contact us today at Amish Mike to learn more about our products, or check out our available entryway benches online.