5 Tips for Picking the Right Shed to Store Garden Tools

store-garden-tools A garden storage shed is an essential feature for most homes. Amish shed kits allow for easier customization of wood storage sheds to meet your storage needs. With a variety of designs available, it can be difficult to pick the right shed to store garden tools. Here are five tips to guide you in making a choice.

1. Intended Use

You may need to determine the exact use of the Amish shed. Is it only to store garden tools? Will it serve as a workspace? Perhaps both? The purpose of the shed can give you an idea of the size and accessories that you may need to get. The wooden interior of an Amish-built shed not only provides added strength but also makes it easy to attach workbenches and tool boards.

2. Size

The size of the storage unit that you pick is largely dependent on the storage or working space that you need. Take out a tape measure and mark out the area in your backyard that you wish to place the Amish-built shed. Remember to factor in the roof overhang and the door opening space. You may need to find a shed that will look most natural in your home setting. Amish Mike allows you to design a custom woodshed that fits within your yard space.

3. Customization

Custom add-ons and accessories allow you to accentuate the space and increase its functionality. All Amish sheds are 100% handcrafted, providing customized units for homeowners. Additionally, you can pick out shelving, workbenches, hooks, racks, and cabinetry for your storage space. The purpose of the unit, such as to store garden tools, may determine the accessories that you add.

4. Material and Budget

The material of the garden shed that you choose should weather the harshest of nature’s elements and remain durable over a long period. Some of the durable materials commonly used include wood, aluminum, vinyl, and fiberglass, which ensure that your storage unit can withstand the test of time. Amish Mike utilizes handcrafted wood and vinyl products to construct the shed. Additionally, you may need to ensure that the material and shed design that you choose will fit within your budget limits. Amish Mike provides flexible payment options that include a ‘rent to own program’ that allows you to make small monthly payments and own the shed after 24-36 months.

5. Style

You may also need to think through the design and style of your new wooden shed. While you may only use it to store garden tools, you may need to ensure that it matches your main house aesthetic and construction style. Do you prefer the traditional, deluxe, or heritage series? You can sift through the various options available before settling for the right garden shed for you.

Garden sheds are attractive units that can act as storage spaces for your farm tools or workspaces with a peaceful and tranquil environment. Amish Mike provides a wide range of options to choose from, allowing you to customize the wooden shed to your liking. Reach out to us to receive a tailored quote for your desired unit.