5 Keys to Choosing the Right Size Amish Shed


You have established you need a shed, but not just any shed, a high-quality Amish-built shed. An Amish shed best suits your style, your neighborhood, and your property. Now it is time to make the most important decision. What size should your shed be?

Part of buying a shed involves knowing the exact space it will require and including 25% more space for extra storage. That will get you started, but you still need more information. Below are five keys to choosing the right-sized Amish shed.

Yard Size Is Important

Will the shed you want fit in your yard? It’s important to understand a few things about sheds and your yard size. Those considerations are listed below.

  • The Foundation Should Be 1′ Longer Than the Shed on Every Side
  • Consider the Setback for Roads, Floodplains, and Property Lines
  • Keep Shed Sizes in Scale With Your Property and Home
  • Yard Layouts and Aesthetics

Be Sure to Follow Community Regulations

Plan ahead before you have a shed custom-built or delivered. You may need to register the placement with your local zoning office and you might need a building permit. Some HOAs put limits on sheds too. Refer to the covenants, restrictions, and conditions of your HOA for more details.

How Are You Going to Use Your Shed?

Will your shed be for more than storage? There are many ways to use and enjoy sheds. It just needs to be the proper size, especially if you’re going to include a workshop.

What Will Your Ultimate Storage Solution Hold?

Sheds are the ultimate storage solution. Make sure there’s enough room for items you want to store, whether it’s ATVs, lawnmowers, off-season sports gear and equipment, holiday decorations, or lawn furniture. Also give yourself enough space to arrange, access, and organize your belongings too.

Don’t Out-Grow Your Amish Shed Too Soon

Leave room for growth when deciding the shed size you want. Speak with Amish craftsmen about increasing the size for future use. Who knows, you may eventually convert your shed into an office, gym, or workshop.

Amish-Built Is Better

Consult with suppliers of Amish-built sheds that use high-quality materials including cedar, vinyl, wood, and other materials. They will work with you to fully match your shed to your house. Get a custom shed built to your specifications using their creative skills.