4 Trending Styles of Amish-Made Furniture

If you know anything about Amish-made furniture, you know that it’s characterized by solid craftsmanship and durability. From stunning wooden dining room tables to sturdy chairs and desks, you can’t go wrong with Amish furniture. Here are some of the trendy styles you’ll likely see.

1. Mixed Materials

Furniture is often characterized by heavy use of wood. However, more Amish builders are now incorporating metal into their designs. This mixture of materials helps to create a more contemporary look, even with their more traditionally shaped pieces of furniture. Amish builders are also collaborating with other artisans, so onlookers can expect to see more innovation with such a mixture.

2. Hybrid-Style Tables

When it comes to wooden dining room tables, Amish furniture makers have mastered the art of it. You or someone you know may have one of the now-iconic Lassen tables that, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, became common across the United States through the work of the Civilian Conservation Corps in the 1930s. Today, more Amish builders are creating large round pedestal tables, where most of the design centers around the base area. The use of a live edge is also popular, which involves a solid piece of wood for the tabletop and a piece from the outside of the tree as the rough edge.

3. Farmhouse

Do you want a rustic and refined piece of Amish furniture? Check out our farmhouse styles that blend cozy and chic together. Many of these pieces are made from Maple, Cherry, or Pine wood. Amish furniture makers are using the farmhouse style to create wooden dining room tables, benches, canopy beds, and hutches.

4. Modern

Today’s Amish furniture makers are incorporating modern aesthetics such as minimalist designs, sleek lines, and contrasting colors. So, if you live in a loft or urban studio, a modern piece of Amish furniture can fit right in. You may see such a style with platform beds, credenzas, or wooden dining room tables that have metal bases.

Despite living very private lives, the Amish have managed to bring a piece of their culture to the outside world by way of their furniture-making capabilities. As you update your home, you may want to invest in one or more pieces of Amish furniture. If you’re interested in beautiful wooden dining room tables, contact our team at Amish Mike for more information.