4 Reasons Why No Pool Is Complete Without A Pool House

poolhousedesigns-300x200 As summer steps into full swing, everyone is thinking about (and preparing for) the coming heat. Though many will turn to their local beaches for the refreshing relief of cool water, some are lucky enough to have a pool in their own backyard; the convenience is ideal for both neighborhood barbeques and lazy Sunday afternoons! That being said, you might have to do a lot of extra work if your pool doesn’t have an accompanying pool house. Let’s take a look at four of the benefits your Amish pool house can offer this season.

  • Off-season storage: Tragically, summer doesn’t last all year. Before you know it, the weather will be turning and the temperature will be dropping — what are you going to do with all that garden and pool furniture? Pool houses offer a safe place for your Adirondack chairs and Amish patio furniture to be stored when the rain and snow start to fall.
  • Optional home gym: Amish buildings are as functional as they are beautiful. If you have the space and funds, you can turn your 100% handcrafted structure into an at-home gym. You’ll never have to head to the gym again!
  • Everything you need: If you’re prone to throwing parties, keeping the house clean and free of wet footprints can quite difficult. Pool houses allow you to store everything you need right there in the backyard; from fridges filled with drinks to an easy-to-access bathroom, you’ll never have to worry about guests stomping through your home to find what they need.
  • Secure chemical storage: Pools require strong chemicals to keep the water clean and free of bacteria. It can be dangerous to leave these in the home or out in the open, especially if you’ve got little ones running around. Your pool house will act as a safe and secure place to store these materials until they’re needed.

No matter what your heart desires, there are pool house designs out there to match. Whether you use that old, beat up shed or decide to invest in a swanky building (capable of housing the relatives and your treadmill), you’ll spend all summer indulging in the benefits of a pool house.

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