4 Incredibly Popular Amish Woodworking Techniques

handmadefurniture-300x240  Amish furniture is known nationwide for its quality, impeccable condition, and longevity. Coming from a culture that takes great pride in their woodworking skills, 100% of all Amish furniture is hand-crafted. These people are able to create everlasting pieces from small farm tables to larger gazebos and pergolas, in whatever size and shape you can think of.

Similar to their steadfast culture, Amish woodworking is composed of many small details that go a long way to ensuring the quality of their homemade furniture. Here are some of the different woodworking techniques you can find in any Amish furniture.

Dovetail joints
These are probably the most popular type of joint you will see in Amish furniture. They are created when two pieces of wood are interlocked together using pins and tails. Used primarily on cabinets and drawers, a dovetail joint is especially sturdy and will last the test of time.

Rabbet joints
No, not like your friendly garden creature! A rabbet joint brings together the top and bottom parts of a piece of furniture. They are typically seen on doors and casements, as they are able to make a streamlined edge, hiding the actual door joint in the process.

Mortise and tenon joints
One of the more old-fashioned techniques, a mortise and tenon is created by drilling a mortise on one piece of wood and fitting it with a tenon on another piece of wood, at a 90-degree angle. The tenon is just about the same size as the hole, so when placed together the joint will barely move. It is incredibly strong, and you can see them in large handmade furniture such as garages and sheds.

Tongue and groove joints
Amish handmade furniture isn’t only limited to large bulky items! They also made hardwood flooring and paneling. A tongue — which is a protruding piece of wood — is carved into one piece of wood, then slid into a groove on another piece. They are also typically glued together to account for shrinkage and provide a proportionate weight distribution for the piece of flooring. Think of these similar to how a sliding glass door acts.

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