3 Ways to Keep Your Shed Organized

sheds-300x201  Sheds are the perfect addition to any backyard or outside the area. They’re a place where you can store your lawn care items, your pool toys and it can even be used as a backyard escape. That being said, it’s important to keep your shed organized. But don’t worry! There are some really easy ways to keep your items organized.

If you plan to store shovels, rakes, and brooms in your sheds, hanging them up on the wall will save space and give everything a place. The large hooks needed to hang the tools on your wall are fairly inexpensive and can even help with hanging buckets, bungee cords, power cords, and rope. Your floor space will quickly become available for things like lawn mowers or even picnic tables.

Racks and shelving are great for storing things like arts and craft supplies, buckets filled with nails, or even small gardening tools. You can adjust the height and width of the shelving depending on how much space you’re going to need. You may even be able to stack shelving for more space. Remember that shelving needs to sit on a level floor, so if your sheds have a dirt floor, stand-alone shelving might not be the best option for you. 

Magnetic Strips
If you have smaller tools like drill bits for screwdrivers, you can easily store them with the use of magnetic strips. Magnetic strips can be attached to any wall of your shed and allow you to easily replace your tools once you’re done using them. They’re far more convenient than a traditional pegboard. 

Your shed can be a place for storing your tools, creativity, or relaxation. But, since it typically is a smaller space, it’s important to keep all of its belongings organized. When purchasing your shed, it is wise to determine your space needs and add 25% for future storage needs. Take a look at a few of the suggestions listed above and get to organizing!