3 Types of Amish Furniture You Need in Your Home


Amish furniture is always a great option when searching for new furniture for your house. In a recent survey by Mississippi State University, almost 73% of the 2,000 respondents declared that their furniture complements their personality. Most participants also felt that the furniture a person owns says something about them. So, homeowners can customize Amish furniture to ensure high-quality, beautiful furniture that reflects who they are. If you’re interested in owning Amish furniture, these are some must-have pieces.

1. Wooden Rocker

A wooden rocker is a classic piece of furniture that helps a room appear inviting. Make your home more welcoming by putting a wooden rocker in the living room. These can also be placed on the porch for relaxing evenings watching the sunset behind the clouds. Enjoy the traditional look of bare wood or make your wooden rocker cozy with cushions for more personality!

2. Amish Beds

Amish furniture never becomes outdated. Thanks to the superior craftsmanship used to build every piece of furniture, you can trust that an Amish bed will last until you’re ready to sell it or give it away. As more and more beds are made from flimsy wood, they are breaking easier than in previous decades. When you opt for Amish furniture, that won’t be a concern.

3. Living Room Furniture

Living room furniture experiences a lot of wear and tear. Tables and couches are often replaced every few years because they slowly fall apart. If you have a busier household or several children, then you’re more likely to need replacement living room furniture sooner than that.

Amish furniture helps you save money and have the look you love thanks to its high-quality nature. Tables and chairs will last without the legs falling off when built with love and care. Not only does this save you money in the long run, but it also ensures that your living space always looks beautiful.

Having high-quality furniture that reflects who you are is important. Thankfully, you don’t have to compromise on quality for personality when you choose to furnish your home with Amish furniture. We have beds and beautiful Amish sheds to help you enjoy style and durability. Contact us at Amish Mike today for more information.