3 Things You Need to Know When Planning a Garage Addition


Garage additions are a great way to add more space and more value to your home. Not only does a garage house your car, but it also provides safe storage for additional vehicles, yard work equipment, and more. What’s more, when you work with Amish garage builders, you can feel confident your garage is built from high-quality materials as 100% of Amish furniture and Amish buildings are hand-crafted.

However, even when you’re working with Amish garage builders, there are a few things you ought to keep in mind prior to making your new garage addition. Here are three things to consider before getting started on your Amish garage kits.

    1. Your zoning laws. It’s crucial to research your local zoning laws before you consider the placement of your garage. The zoning laws in your area will state things such as where your garage can be located on your property, the size limitations of your garage, and whether there are any special requirements such as drainage considerations and roofing materials. This zoning information will tell you whether or not even building a garage on your property is allowable. The last thing you want to do is get started on your garage addition only to find out that you can’t have your garage where you wanted it to be.
    1. The amount of space you need. It’s a good idea to know whether you’re looking for a single or two-car garage before planning your addition. Single-car garages are typically 14 feet by 20 feet whereas two-car garages extend to 20 feet by 24 feet. Additional footage may be a good idea if you want additional space for storage if you’re considering adding a workbench to your garage.
    1. The length of your driveway. Your existing driveway may be sufficient if you already have a carport and you’re planning on constructing an attached garage. But if you’re planning on adding an unattached garage, you’ll want to plan for an additional 10 feet wide driveway from your garage door to the street. It’s recommended to have your driveway 14 feet wide if there are obstacles such as a wall or tree. This will help to keep your car doors safe when you open them.

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