3 Elements to Include in Your Custom Amish Built Garage

Amish built garages are synonymous with quality. The craftsmanship on display in those creations is top-notch and they’re simply on another level relative to mass-produced garages. Custom Amish built garages are even better household additions. That is the case especially if you plan to add on the elements detailed in this article.

1. Custom Frame and Roofline

We’re combining these two elements into a single entry because they serve a similar purpose. Your home already features a very distinct look that you love and you wish to complement it with your new garage. To achieve that, your new Amish built garage should come with a custom frame and roofline. Match those elements of your new garage with your existing home to create something more harmonious. Ask the builders to use the same materials if possible so there is a seamless transition between your main property and your garage. Alternatively, you can also customize those elements of your Amish built garage so they match better with your outdoor landscape.

2. Storage Fixtures

According to the Wall Street Journal, around 25% of homeowners use their garages for vehicle maintenance. That statistic shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. If you’re knowledgeable about vehicle repair and maintenance, you’ll probably want to handle some of it yourself if possible. The garage would also serve as the ideal spot for conducting that kind of work since it contains the mess and helps you stay out of the way. Custom Amish built garages can be made more conducive for vehicle repair if they come with the possibility to add storage fixtures. Consider additional cabinets, pegboards, and shelves so you can organize your tools and other items you may need to conduct vehicle repairs. Keeping your garage organized that way will also help prevent accidents.

3. Plumbing Fixtures

Finally, you can also ask the builders to make sure plumbing fixtures can be put inside your Amish built garage in the future. You don’t need an elaborate rough plumbing setup in there. A sink and supporting hardware should suffice for that part of your home. Adding a sink to your garage is a great idea because it allows you to do your work without entering your main residence. You can contain the mess related to that kind of work more effectively because you now have a garage sink. On top of that, you can also use the sink to cool off if you’ve been working for a while.

Custom Amish built garages can improve all kinds of homes with their practical and aesthetically-focused features. If you ever decide to sell your home, your Amish built garage can also boost its value. Contact us today if you want to start building your new garage!