3 Easy Ways To Give Your Backyard That Country Feel


Who doesn’t love that warm country look? From the bold reds and golden yellows to the worn, rustic design, something about the aesthetic of hard-earned farm life is inherently comforting. If you’re looking to bring some of the farm into your backyard (minus the back-breaking labor, of course) here are a few ways you can do just that.

  • Picnic table: The addition of wood, especially through handmade picnic tables, does wonders to bring a little bit of wilderness into your pristine yard. They are as practical as they are beautiful, offering a place to gather and eat after a barbecue on a warm summer’s night without sacrificing comfort. Different stains achieve different purposes: if you’re sticking with the country vibes, you’re going to want a rich, warm color on your handmade picnic table — something that will really bring out and highlight the rings in the wood and the craftsmanship that went into molding it. Consider it the statement piece of your backyard!
  • Outhouse: Now, calm down, we never said it needed to be functional… Nothing is more reminiscent of farm life than an archaic reminder of what was needed before indoor plumbing existed. When styled and built correctly, modern day outhouses are downright adorable — flowers can be placed in the open hole, and surrounded by country paraphernalia, from rustic (fake) chickens to various tools used to work the land. The wood can either be weathered and worn, or painted to match the glow of sunshine on a crop of wheat: soft gold and red.
  • Shed: What’s a farm without a place to hold all of the tools required to run it? Small sheds can store garden tools with ease (if you’re horticulturally inclined), in addition to anything you may need to host a farm party in your own farmyard! Never underestimate the power of decor; cover your shed, inside and out, with country-style trinkets, keeping the color scheme consistent. But remember, it’s important to determine your space needs and then add 25% for future needs when buying or building a shed.

You don’t need to bring a herd of sheep and six cows into your backyard to achieve that country aesthetic; a few pieces of wooden furniture and carefully selected paints will do the job — and without hardly any of the work!