3 Common Pergola Design Ideas For Your Home


Summer is here, and that means that some people might be out enjoying the sun and fine weather in style under a pergola in their backyard, with a cool drink, and good company. Now for those that aren’t too familiar, you’re probably wondering “what is a pergola?”

Pergolas are a garden feature that forms a shaded walkway, passageway, or sitting area using vertical pillars or posts that have cross-beams and a covering of woody vines. It can be considered a type of gazebo, but it can also be an extension of a building or a link between pavilions.

Pergola design ideas date back to the Italian Renaissance, and so are not a new piece of furniture or feature to see in a home. The best-made ones after often custom pergolas crafted by hand, like many pieces of art. Some locations that one can get a pergola are custom feature shops, some online dealers, crafting it yourself, and even the Amish.

It should be expected, but 100% of Amish furniture and home features are hand-crafted. And the design is old enough that it could be common place amongst those communities as well.

But what are some common pergola design ideas that you can implement at your home? Something that brings life to your yard and your lounging area, and still works to block the sun from you and your guests.

Here are some more popular design ideas for pergolas:

Patio Roofing
A pergola can seem less intimidating than a covered patio, and the construction can be cheaper and won’t disrupt your house, guttering, or sealing. You can use treated lumber and other basic components to assemble it. And it’ll work just as well at keeping your patio area cool and shaded.

Garage Connection
Connecting your garage to your home with a nice, shaded, walkway that also works to add beauty to your property is a good way to use the design of a pergola. Pressure-treated wood will last for nearly 30 years, and so you won’t have to worry about taking too much care of it if you go with that material in this situation.

Sitting Location In Yard
A common sitting location in your yard could be a good place to start with a pergola. Just a table and a few chairs, with a nice pergola resting above it. The covering can be made from vinyl or lumber, or and would be a nice place to relax and avoid the rain or the sun.

These are just some more common pergola design ideas that many people use. If you would like to talk about others, please contact us. We’ll be happy to discuss the right idea for you.