3 Amazing Ways to Use Your Gazebo During the Pandemic


Most Americans have spent the last few months sheltering in place. But while you might be eager for things to get back to normal, the reality is that continuing to stay at home as much as possible can allow us to keep flattening the curve. And now that the weather is beautiful and summer is right around the corner, enhancing your backyard can do wonders — both for your property value and for your ability to enjoy spending time outside.

While having a lush lawn or gorgeous garden can be highly effective, adding a backyard structure like a gazebo can take your property to the next level. A wooden shed can last at least 15 to 20 years — and well-made Amish gazebos can often last that long, too. But unlike a simple shed, gazebo designs can be used in a number of ways to help you get even more out of staying home. Here are just a few amazing ways you’ll be able to use your Amish gazebo to great effect this summer.

Intimate Events

Chances are that you won’t be hosting a backyard barbecue for 50 of your closest friends this summer. However, your family might be celebrating a milestone event, like a school graduation or birthday. And although a big wedding ceremony might have been postponed or canceled outright, an engaged couple that’s close to you might still want to pay tribute to what would have been their special day. Your Amish gazebo can be the epicenter for those intimate events and make them feel truly special. Although you won’t ever leave the backyard, you can decorate your gazebo for the occasion and welcome a few guests to share in your joy.

Outdoor Dining

In some areas of the country, restaurants are starting to open up both indoor and outdoor seating. But if you don’t feel comfortable going out to eat just yet, you certainly aren’t alone. In some cases, mimicking the feel of an evening out while you stay safe at home can actually be more fun! You can set up your gazebo to be a romantic spot for outdoor dining, allowing you to enjoy the company of someone you love while being immersed in nature. Whether you’re having a date night or you start each morning with a quiet cup of coffee, you can use your gazebo to full effect and dine al fresco whenever you want — no reservation or face mask necessary.

Kids’ Playtime

If you’re a parent, there’s no doubt that some major adjustments had to be made over the past few months. With your kids unable to go to school or to daycare, the responsibility for 24/7 childcare has fallen squarely on your shoulders. And having to juggle those obligations while trying to work from home can feel next to impossible. Even though school may be out for the season, your kids won’t have access to as many activities as they normally would. But your Amish gazebo can serve a pivotal role in playtime. By using a bit of creativity, you can turn your gazebo into a playhouse that your children will love to explore. Your kids can use the gazebo to put on a skit, use their imaginations, or spend quiet time drawing and reading.

With help from your gazebo builder, staying home definitely doesn’t have to be boring. For more information on how to spruce up your yard this summer with a beautiful Amish gazebo, please get in touch with us today.