2 Ways To Spruce Up The Backyard Space For Your Animals


What would humans be without our pets? Whether you’re a dog person, a cat person, or just love all the animals, you can understand the irresistible urge to spoil them rotten! No matter what your preferred method is (treats or toys), sometimes you just feel the need to give them a little something extra as thanks for all the love and happiness they bring into your life. Here are three things you can do for them in one of their favorite places: the outdoors.

  • A New Kennel: Dogs are supposed to be man’s best friend, so a classy outdoor dog kennel is a wonderful way to pay them back for the endless years of friendship. If you really want to go all out, invest in Amish built dog kennels — they take longer to make (about 12 to 16 weeks) but will last for as long as your pup needs or wants to use it. They can be built to suit dogs of all sizes, and can even come with little awnings over their doors so they can lounge in the sun without squinting at the brightness!
  • A New Coop: Whether you’re raising cheeping chickens for eggs or companionship, they need a place to roost. Custom made chicken coops guarantee that all their needs are accounted for, and allow you to include certain features to keep them safe; if you live far out in the country, your chickens may be at risk of certain predators, like foxes or hawks. Ordering a wooden chicken coop with a fenced in outdoor range area can let them get some exercise without worrying that a few might go missing. If you’re feeling traditional or need to account for potential flooding, you can explore the Quaker style chicken coop plans, which elevate the coop off of the ground. These Quaker style chicken coop plans are as practical as they are beautiful!

Regardless of what kind of furry (or feathery!) children you have, they’re sure to appreciate their new digs. Feel free to go all out on decoration — paint, stencils, you name it! When you see them romping around in joy and delight, you can rest assured that you’ve performed your parenting duties successfully.