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From Egypt to America: A Short History of Gazebos

July 11, 2016


Believe it or not, gazebos actually have a long standing history as shady areas of rest for humankind. These pieces of outdoor handmade furniture have sheltered kings and commoners alike, and have done so since ancient times. That gazebo in your backyard may just have a more interesting lineage than you may have previously thought.

Ancient Egypt
In ancient Egypt, gazebos were used for royalty as part of an “earthly paradise” and were even sometimes used inside tombs for the very rich. You could often find them perched atop boats floating down the Nile, as well as in palaces and gardens.

Ancient Greece and Rome
Perhaps the most famous historical images of these structures come from the Greeks and Romans. These ancient structures were often built out of marble, and constructed for public use. They were also used for private gatherings, as a sign of wealth, relaxation and celebration.

China and Japan
Used as tea houses and for tea ceremonies, gazebos in these nations were intertwined with traditional culture. In Eastern civilization, they were also used as a place of rest and spirituality.

From around 1500 – 1700, gazebos rose to popularity in England. They were often erected simply for pleasure, which inspired attractive and playful designs. Eventually, custom gazebos began to be produced with more usefulness in mind, becoming a middle class commodity.

These decorative outdoor shelters gained in popularity in America around the year 1800 as the middle class prospered. Gazebos were often a part of the popular wrap-around porches on large homes, and eventually decks and patios became an offshoot of the popular structure. Amish-crafted outdoor furniture became popular around 1920, and was especially sought after for the “folk art” feeling it evoked.

Today, Amish woodworkers create some of the most beautiful outdoor furniture in the world. Amish furniture is 100% handmade, so it takes about eight weeks to design and build a custom order. Fully handmade, this furniture will ensure a gorgeous gazebo that fits your home and is perfect for all of your summer events.

Whether you’re planning a wedding or a garden party, or just looking to relax, you can count on these beautiful pieces to complete our yard and provide a beautiful place to relax and socialize. With such a long history, they’re certain to be timeless pieces in the future as well.